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About Kobe Location

The old foreign settlement area is in southeast from Sannomiya station. Many foreign residents used to live in this old town as the base of international trade. This area still keeps its reputation for about 140 years that "The most well designed beautiful town as a foreign settlement in the East" quoted from "The Far East", an English paper at that time.

These days, there are various fashionable apparel shops in classic stone-built buildings in the area, as the center of fashionable city, Kobe.

Kobe’s unique and sophisticated culture has been formed by Kobeites who have been good at taking over something brand new from abroad, like fashion, sweets, music, etc.

The essentials of Kobeites are the style to select the valuable things and enjoy them in their own way.

You can not miss Nanjing Town, only China town in Kansai district. Tourists are fascinated by Chinese restaurants, variety stores in this town. In the past, this is the area where Chinese people used to live because they were not permitted to live in the foreign settlement area.

Not only from China and Western countries, also from all over the world, so many people have been moving into Kobe. For those people from various backgrounds, the unique infrastructure has been developed in this broad-minded city of Kobe like various religious facilities; Christian churches and chapels, Muslim mosques, Chinese temples, Synagogues, Jaina temples. In Kobe, diversity of culture has been accepted.

For children's education, there are eight international schools in Kobe. About 2,500 foreign students are studying at Canadian Academy, St. Michael's International School, German School, Kobe Chinese school and other international schools.

Regarding medical care, over160 hospitals in Kobe are able to offer foreign language speaking service. Not only English, but also German, Chinese, etc. are available at those hospitals. Here are the circumstances that support foreign residents' health care.

There are so many international communities in Kobe.
Western oriented, Indian's, Chinese ones. Or just for social gatherings. Sports clubs. These are all kinds of communities from historical background to modern groups.

This is why Kobe is called "International city". We have various communities and well-thought infrastructure for citizens' life.

Also, Kobe has a good reputation among the world. Kobe was ranked the 25th city as one of the world-cleanest cities on FORBES, American economic magazine on the Web as of April 16, 2007.
URL : http://www.forbes.com/2007/04/16/worlds-cleanest-cities-biz-logistics-cx_rm_0416cleanest.html

Through a strategy as a tourist spot, Kobe has succeeded to have tourists fascinated by its unique culture filled with exotic and beautiful scenery in towns. On the other side, Kobe tries to attract companies with a different strategy of special tax deduction or rent preferences. Especially for 135 world-famous, foreign-affiliated companies that have their head offices or branches in Kobe now, they decided to move in Kobe because of convenient living circumstance, nice educational environment and various advanced projects held over the city of Kobe.

Kobe has been carrying out some major projects for the purpose of economic and industrial promotion as the following;

- "Kobe as the city of medical industry" to integrate medical industry into Kobe.
- "Shanghai ⋅ Changjiang trade promotion" to deepen communication through import and export.
- Some other projects like "Kobe RT" , "Structural reforming special area" , "Kobe ICT promotion" and so on.

Especially, "Kobe as the city of medical industry" targets to integrate medical industry onto Port Island the 2nd, and to organize the area as the base of research and promotion of advanced medical technology. "Highly Advanced Medical Center" as the core of all those facilities and some other main institutes have started their operations. Also, the world top level research organizations for regenerating medication, some universities and over 120 medical companies have already located in the area.

In addition to the above, ¥ 10 billions investment by SWF (well-known governmental fund of Abu Dhabi) is expected in Highly Advanced Medical Center. It will give another evolution on Kobe.
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