Common Facilities that supports Top-Quality Lifestyle

Drive-in Parking Lot (3F~7F 100 cars)

The parking lot is available for 100 cars, with the gate you can open with a remote controller.
The parking space is 2.1m high and 3m wide (max) in order to match various types of your cars, like RVs or large imported cars. As safety measures, the angle of the slope is gentle and security cameras are set up in the area. In addition.

Fitness Room

On the exercise floor for exclusive use of the residents, there are various fitness machines to meet their needs.

Party Room

The special party room for residents is furnished a bar counter.
Please enjoy having parties and watching sports on the big TV screen with your guests.
(Extra fee for use)

Storage Room (99 rooms on B1F)

99 storage rooms (3.3u) are accessible directly from the parking lot. It is perfect for things that you may not use right now, or take too much space to be stored, such as outdoor kit, car equipments, and something out-of-season.

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