Room Plan & Equipment


Various Room Plans with 
Independence and Originality

The living space of Museum Tower is designed from 8F up to the top story, 40F.
Considering your comfortable and independent living space, the excellent design plan has been implemented, which creates corner rooms for all the residences.
The living space is approximately from 50.2uto 300u. We provide you with a variety of floor plans to match your different lifestyles.


Type Plan Space for
the living room
The number of households Layout
Itype 2LDK 113.02m² 4
I'type 3LDK 141.10m² 10
Jtype 2LDK 140.27m² 14
Ktype 2LDK 132.46m² 14
Ltype 2LDK 120.39m² 14
※The rent shown is for basic leasing plan.
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Type Plan Space for
the living room
The number of households Layout
Atype 1LDK+DEN 73.57m² 8
Btype 2LDK+DEN 96.03m² 8
Ctype 3LDK 106.85m² 8
Dtype 3LDK 97.53m² 4
D1type 1LDK 97.53m² 2
D2type 2LDK 97.53m² 2
Etype 1LDK 60.25m² 8
Ftype 1LDK 57.11m² 1
Gtype 1LDK 67.41m² 7
Htype 1LDK 63.67m² 7
※The rent shown is for basic leasing plan.
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All the stylish looks for a better living

With the theme of being fine, cozy and beautiful, the interior is urban, unified with a sharp natural design.
In pursuit of high function in simplicity, adopting the system kitchen of "Hecker company" of Germany and the electric appliance of "Miele company" carefully selected equipment that supports high quality living. We deliver reliable quality and sophistication to our daily lives. *The indoor facilities listed will be the specification of the dwelling unit of the 16th floor or more. Equipment is different depending on the dwelling unit.



Equipped with a system kitchen made in Germany "Becker" with a reputation for beauty and durability.
The large kitchen counter of artificial marble is spacious and cooking is easy.
A kitchen full of functional beauty has been realized that makes it easy to handle home parties and hospitality for adults at home.

Wide sync

Space has room, so you can use it extensively.

Electric cooker & oven

German "Miele company" product popular with excellent durability and functionality.

Stylish faucet

We adopted a shower faucet for the kitchen of "Groe company".

Dish washer dryer

Built-in dishwasher of Germany "Miele company". Easy cleaning after hospitality with large capacity.

Mantle hood

Mantle hood made by Aria Feena whose sophisticated form is impressive.

GE made refrigerator

GE refrigerator that combines usability and functionality. It is a large capacity type with a convenient custom dispenser, ideal for families with many guests.


A disposer that can easily handle garbage from home.
Always keep sanitary water circulation.

High capacity cabinet

The functional system kitchen has plenty of storage space.
The kitchen goods which tend to be increased clearly fits.

Bath Room


It is a custom-made bathroom by "No.1 water circulator manufacturer" in the United States "Kohler company".
In addition to the large bathroom with soft coloring marble attached, the master bedroom has a separate private bathroom and it also fits foreign living style.
It is convenient for guests to stay.

shower head

A shower head suitable for a bathroom to heal the tiredness of the day.

Bowl wash basement

We set up a 2 bowl type washbasin that can be used simultaneously.

Toilet with hand washing counter

Stylish tankless toilet with hand wash counter.




Washing machine / dryer

Germany washing machine ・ dryer of 'Miele company' standard equipment. We have prepared products that combine functions with design.

Ceiling lighting

On the folded ceiling overflowing with luxury, we arranged indirect lighting with warmth. Various scenes can be produced by downlight which can adjust the brightness.

Marble pasted entrance

If you open the entrance door, the marble pasted entrance welcomes you. Please enjoy the spacious space.

Wide storage

Each bedroom has plenty of closet space to ensure wide storage.
(There is also a walk-in type closet in some dwelling units.)

Air condition

ll the living rooms are equipped with high-performance latest air conditioners.
The living room is a built-in type that does not damage the interior.

24 hour ventilation system

Replace the air inside the house with fresh outside air for 24 hours. Keeping the air clean at all times, preventing the occurrence of mold and dew condensation, ensuring a healthy living space.


We installed fiber optic lines of eo home fiber in all residences and deployed LAN connectors in each room.
High speed and comfortable internet of maximum 100 Mbps is possible.

e2by SKY PerfecTV

It is possible to receive e2by SKY Perfecenter, which allows easy multi channel viewing on digital TV.
(* Application is necessary for viewing.) Separate fee will be charged.

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