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Inside of Facilities


サービスアパートメント ご利用のメリット 間取り・料金 サービス・アメニティ 室内設備 ご契約の流れ

In a modern indoor setting the themes of top quality, comfort and beauty, are unified in a sharp, natural design.
Seeking high function in simplicity, carefully selected the equipment supports high quality life such as German Hacker systemats and German Miele electric appliances.
We deliver certain quality and refinement for your daily life.

* Equipments in pictures below are installed in rooms on the 16th floor and above. Each types of rooms has different equipments.



German “Hacker” system kitchen is installed, which is well-established by the beauty and the durability.
Man-made large-sized marble kitchen counter has wide space for you to cook efficiently. The functional and beautiful kitchen performs well for your large-sided home party.

Wide Sink

Can be used spaciously

Electric Cooker & Oven

German “Miele”, popular products for excellent durability and functionality.

Stylish Faucet

“Grohe” shower for kitchen is selected.

Dish Washer and Dryer

German “Miele” dish washer is built in.
Easy to clean even after a party in this large space.

Mantel Hood

Impressive “Ariafina” Mantle-hood with the refined form

“GE” Refrigerator

“GE” Refrigerator has easiness of use and function.
It’s a type of the large capacity attached a convenient customized dispenser, and suitablefor families who invite a lot of guests.


The disposer allowing you to get rid of kitchen garbage keeps the sink clean and sanitize.

Large-Capacity Cabinet

The functional built-in kitchen unit has large storage space and holds all the increasing kitchen items.


Bath Room

※Equipments in pictures below are installed in rooms on the 16th floor and above.
Each types of rooms has different equipments.

Custom-made bathrooms by American No.1 brand for kitchen and bathrooms, “Kohler”, are equipped. Not only a large-sized tender color marble bathroom but also a private bathroom at a master bedroom is provided for fitting the western lifestyle.
It is convenient for your guests to stay at your place.

Shower Head

A shower head that fits the bathroom for healing your daily fatigue


Two bowl-type washstand that can be used by two people at the same time

Toilet with a sink

A stylish tank-less toilet with a sink counter



※Equipments in pictures below are installed in rooms on the 16th floor and above.
Each types of rooms has different equipments.

Washing Machine ・Dryer

German “Miele” washing machine and drier are installed.
For function and design, only the best items have been chosen.


ndirect lighting has been placed in the luxurious coved ceiling.
The downlights with adjustable brightness also cater for a variety of situations.

Marble Entrance

Marble entrance welcomes you after you open the front door. Experience the large space.

Wide Strorage Space

Each bedroom has spacious closet space and wide storage space.
(Walk-in closets are available at some apartments.)

Air Conditioner

High-end latest model air conditioning units are fully equipped in all rooms.
A living room has a built-in type that doesn’t mar the interior.

24 Hour Air Ventilation System

Each dwelling is ventilated with fresh air 24 hours a day.
Healthy living space is secured by keeping a constant supply of fresh air to prevent mould and dew condensation.


All apartments have optic fiber internet connections installed. Each room has a LAN connection socket. The high speed connection, with a maximum of 100Mbps, makes Internet easier and comfortable.

Sky Perfect TV! e2

Many channels are available on Digital TV through e2 by Sky Perfect TV.
(* It requires an application with usage fee.)

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