Active Senior


Active Senior, who Understand the Value of the Real Things

Art, music, leisure, business, encounter… active senior citizens spend the most enriched time in life. They expect to continue their business but they want to enjoy their lives at the same time… the best stage and field has been ready for such curious generation of over fifties.

Attractive Points of Kobe for Active Senior Citizens

Kobe, the art town that Kaii Higashiyama lived in… This town is filled with pleasure the active senior citizens find well since they know real values and how to enjoy “time” perfectly in their years of time. Soaking in culture, touching refined fashion and the sound of Jazz, enjoying cruising in the sea and getting a charge from hot spring or golf on a mountain…
The time that flows in Kobe makes adults shine and changes their lives into the art.

We guide nice shops and spots active seniors would enjoy.
We also arrange a pick-up taxi to a golf course, the reservation of a night cruiser from which you can look at the night view in Kobe on the sea.


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Active Senior


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