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Splendor View interwoven History and Cross-Culture, Vivid Kobe Leisure style

There is no town like Kobe that has high quality and function of the large city, yet vivid color and that is telling us comfort of every sense, in city landscapes of Japan where you find the same sceneries no matter where you go.
The own exotic and beautiful view from fusion with the world culture is outstanding on the base of space surrounded by the contrast of the sea and mountain. Distinct and pleasant streets and houses, where the urban stimulus and the composure with a great deal of atmosphere are coexistent, are formed. In Kobe, the high-quality commodity and service are provided in all kinds of tourism, recreation, food and shopping, as one of the Japan’s most historical and charismatic cities with higher pride, which fascinates over 28,000,000 tourists for the year

Well, where shall we go?


Shopping & Gourmet Information

When walking at the town in Kobe, a number of the stylish and fashionable shopping stores can be seen, that fit in the town of fashion, Kobe.
Former foreign settlement area which is lined with brand-name stores, the main store of MAXIM which produces custom-made hats for Japanese royal family and celebrities, the directly-managed store of Tasaki Shinju Co., Ltd (Pearl Enterprise) which locates the head office in Port Island, and places of dispatch of the sophisticated and mature fashion including Daimaru and SOGO Department Stores are located within walking distance of Museum Tower.
Relax at a café when you feel fatigue after shopping.
You can feel the wind flowing from the mountain to the sea, which you have never noticed in walking.
You also hear the sound of a steam whistle and the languages of various countries.

Sweets made of fresh cheese that is produced at a farm in Kobe, popular restaurants of Kobe Beef for foreign tourists and businessmen, Sushi with fresh fish from Seto Island Sea… Kobe is the first-class of gourmet too.



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Leisure・Pleasure of Sightseeing


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