Living with Your Own Car


Kobe Car Life

Happiness of driving on a coastline with your important people
Joy of driving in nature with your only companions
Time you cannot give up to enjoy traveling with your precious car only for yourself
Splendid town and residence match well for the splendid car

The attractive points of Kobe for the car lovers

Kobe has various faces. The scenery changes completely by time and places.
You notice some scenery for the first time in driving.
To Osaka by Hanshin Expressway, to Awaji Island by crossing Akashi Kaikyo Bridge.
Your car life plan in Kobe will be tight with your uncountable schedule.

500m from Museum Tower to the Kyobashi entrance of Hanshin Expressway We can also arrange a business trip hand wash service.
The Self-Propelled Parking Lot (3F-7F: remote-control gate shutters)
Going to your room straight by using the elevator after you get off your car The space for the large-size cars like Hummer.
Many car lovers live at Museum Tower as the essential environment for them is both at the town and the building.
Museum Tower actively offers some space for the exhibition held by the dealers of imported cars so that our customers could obtain information and stimulation.


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Living with Your Own Car


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