Living with Pets


Living with Your Only Existence

There are much more stuff that pets give you more than you give pets.
The existence waiting for you at home everyday is the healing more than anything.
Pets are the important members of your family.
Museum Tower sincerely supports for your pet’s comfortable life.

Good Life for your Pets

The number of the apartments where you are able to have pets has increased recently, but
it might be a legend that the apartments are kind to the pets.
Besides, the apartments categorized as high quality residences do not have the service.
At Museum Tower, we welcome your pets as the members of “Museum Family”.

You can wash your pet’s feet when you come back from a walk.

“Too busy and there is no time to take my pet to a vet…”
The doctor will come and pick him up to your apartment. Service available 24 hours.

“Liberty Kobe Animal Hospital” Higashinada-ku, Kobe



Living with Pets


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