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Culture and Town built up with the Foreigners

History of Kobe is old and the culture had been developed around the 4th century.
The emperor visited Arima Hot Springs in the 7th century and Shogun, Takauji Ashikaga erected the temple in the 14th century. Kobe opened the port to the world in 1868, the foreign settlement area was formed for people from overseas, and various foreign cultures brought by the foreigners such as golfing clubs and jazz were communicated from Kobe to everywhere in Japan. Kobe has been developing as the biggest international port in Asia by exceeding Shanghai, Hong Kong and Singapore, harmonizing with the world culture and creating the unique culture and tradition. People living in Kobe has realized that the tremendous impacts were given to this town and Japan by many foreigners who had ever visited Kobe. This town and people living there will be kind and warm to every person visiting Kobe and give them splendid time and memories.


Charm of “Kobe” is a comfortable living environment

◆ Foreign Communities

Starting with Europeans, Americans and Chinese, the each foreign community have established its own social and sports clubs including Kobe Club and KRAC (Kobe Rogatta & Athletic Club) and Nankin Machi (Chinatown) from early on. Later, Indians, Vietnamese and Brazilians were formed as well.
Today, the foreigners’ clubs take root in Kobe with pride of their history, tradition and status. And there are many events, communities and support centers supported by Kobe city and private organizations, where both Japanese and foreigners can exchange their cultures.

◆ Religious Facilities

Kobe has a variety of religious facilities for many of the world’s major religions including Christianity (Roman Catholic, Protestantism), Buddhism, Judaism, Islam and Jainism. These facilities are an essential part of the daily lives of those from overseas to Kobe.

◆ Education

In Kobe, its education environment and level are traditionally high by the influence of its regional characteristic that they cherish their culture and art, and also by the influence of refined business and lifestyle brought by foreigners from 19th century. Kobe has produced many world-famous people on the field of Economy and Research.
Nada Junior and Senior High School in Kobe also produces the greatest number of the successful candidates of Japanese most difficult educational institution, Tokyo University, in Kansai area. There are about 2,500 non-Japanese children enrolled and studying in eight international schools including Canadian Academy, St. Michael’s International School, Marist Brothers International School and Kobe Chinese School.

◆ Shopping

Kobe is famous as a town of fashion and trend. Clothes, shoes, hats, handbags have been developed with history of port town that has strong influence by European culture. These days, many of the Kobe fashion brand and style are propagated through “Kobe Collection”. Besides, people from overseas are able to enjoy shopping in the former foreign settlement area and some imported shops.

◆ Kobe Gourmet

Restaurants with the cuisine of countries around the world are scattered around in Kobe. For instance, “Nankin-machi” is a popular tourist spot where you can enjoy the real Chinese taste. The story that the superstar of National basketball player in the U.S. who also won the Olympic in Beijing, Kobe Bryant was named after Kobe beef which taste is so good as his father had it in Kobe, is well known. Kobe city is also rich in food and ingredients such as bread, confectionery, Sushi, Soba Noodles, Sake from Nada Breweries and Kobe Wine.

◆ Tourism
【Kyoto / Osaka】

Kyoto is an ancient capital city and Japan’smost famous sightseeing spot in the world. It takes about 50 minutes from Sannomiya by train. Osaka is the second largest city in Japan and a business center vital to Japanese economy. It takes about 20 minutes from Sannomiya by train.

【Arima Hot Springs】

Arima Hot Springs are located about 40 minutes by train or 30 minutes by car from Sannomiya. It is the most ancient well-known hot spring with over 1000 years of history in Japan, which many famous historical figures such as Hideyoshi Toyotomi had visited, and also one of Japan’s top three hot springs.

【Suma and Maiko】

Suma and Maiko are famous for the greatest beach resort in Kobe.
Additionally, the world’s longest suspension bridge, Akashi Kaikyo Bridge links Kobe and Awaji Island where the beautiful coast is sweeping away.

◆ Living Environment
【Kyoto / Osaka】

Kobe is popular as a residential area as it has both urban functions and beautiful nature such as mountain, river, beach, waterfall, forest and so on. Living cost is cheaper, public peace is better, and traffic jam is less as well, compared to other cities such as Tokyo and Osaka.

◆ Business and Access

[ Business ]
The headquarters and offices of 135 foreign-affiliated companies have been located in Kobe (as of 2005) as Kobe has a convenient transportation system.

[ Air ]
Convenient access to the six biggest cities from Kobe airport can facilitate high-speed business jets. Only 29 minutes to Kansai International Airport by high-speed vessel called “Bay Shuttle” and they provide easy access not only for domestic but also international destinations.

[ Expressway ]
The main arterial highways such as Hanshin Expressway, Sanyo Expressway, Chugoku Expressway, Akashi Kaikyo Bridge form efficient traffic network.

[ Railway ]
All lines of Shinkansen Bullet trains stop at Shin-Kobe station (Sanyo Line). Conventional lines like JR, Hankyu, Hanshin, Municipal Subway, other new commuter transport systems enrich your transportation. It takes only 20 min. by train to get to Osaka from Sannomiya.

Concierge Service

We provide various information and data for foreigners to start their life comfortably in Japan, and correspond all of the daily consultation with great care.
Also, we will introduce interpreters for your business and going out if you would like.
All kinds of Events are held.
Many kinds of orientations and events are held for understanding Japanese customs and experiencing the culture.

Organizes various events

We organize various events for the residents to touch and learn the culture of Japan. (Picture shows the flower arrangement event held in the past.)

Pick-Up for Schools

School Bus Service to Canadian Academy in Rokko Island is available.


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