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It’s Urban Resort here

Feeling close to the sea and mountains in Rokko, Kobe is the town you are able to heal both your mind and body in the grand nature in the center of the city.
The Rising sun from the horizon of Seto Inland Sea, the endless skyline of the night view that can be called the integration of Kobe brand, and the color of Urban Resort are filled in Museum Tower and spread over the outside of the windows.

The Charm of Kobe As the Second House

Kobe has warm climate and less rain all the year round.
The humidity is low as we have less rain in Kobe, and it is relatively bearable hot and cold as the sea coast is close to it.
Moreover, “Arima Hot Spring” is Japan’s most ancient hot spring documented in Chronicles of Japan, Nihonshoki. Mt. Maya is termed as one of Japan’s top three night views along with Mt. Hakodate and Mt. Inasa… There is abundance of tourism resources that can heal your mind and body.
Convenient access which takes only 1 hour and 15 minutes from Tokyo by airplane and 20 minutes from Osaka by JR conventional line is also fascinating.

It takes 15 minutes by car from Kobe Airport and 8 minutes by car from Shin Kobe station.
Letting fresh air into your room and the cleaning service are available for a charge in the case you won’t use the place for a long term.
We also have the Furnished Service Apartment Plan that enables you to stay for 1 month at a minimum.


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Second House


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